Flower delivery

Flower delivery

Flower delivery is performed at the recipient’s address every weekday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Orders of flowers received by 14.00 can be delivered on the same day in the area of Rijeka and its surroundings, and flowers for delivery to other places in Croatia are recommended to be ordered one day earlier.

We do not deliver on Sundays and public holidays.

We expect you to allow us to give a deviation of the time of flower delivery in the range of 2 hours due to a possible problem with traffic collapse, especially for the days of the holiday.

Delivery of flowers from our flower shop “Violette” is done in the area of the city of Rijeka and its surroundings, and we place orders for the area of the whole of Croatia in cooperation with our proven flower partners.

The price of flower delivery in the area of Rijeka is 4.65 eur/35.00 kn and for other destinations 9.29 eur/70.00 kuna while delivery for orders over 106.18 eur/800.00 kuna is performed free of charge.

Interflora flower delivery for the whole world will be done by your order in our flower shop according to a special catalog and a certain international price list or online where you order directly or choose a country, item, price, copy the Intercat code and send us to asterion@asterion-violette.com and we will contact you for details and payment.

If flowers, ordered online, you want to personally download the Vase data at the recipient’s location.

DELIVERY OF THE FLOWER IS PERFORMED WHEN: – the recipient or the person at the address of the recipient takes over the flowers – the recipient refuses to receive the flowers – the address or details of the recipient are incorrect and impossible to find in any way.

Our flower delivery will try everything to make the delivery of the ordered flowers despite possibly incorrect information about the recipient. If no one is in the house at the address of the recipient at the time of delivery, we will hand over the delivery to the neighbors or put the flowers in front of the entrance.

For impossible execution of flower delivery despite trying to find a solution, we will notify you if you have enabled us to contact by phone or email address.

Undelivered flowers, if you wish, you will be able to pick up in person at the place of delivery within 24 hours if your distance is not an obstacle.


Data will be required to deliver flowers to hospitals, hotels, retirement homes, ports, ships or offices as: name or name, address, telephone, room number, department number or name, and name and surname of the recipient.


We can deliver flowers to almost all places in Croatia, but we recommend that you contact us for the possibility and price of flower delivery.