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I want flowers delivery without notification and registration !!!

01. 01. 1998.

If you do not want to register on our sites, we can make flower delivery, if you send us some information to the e-mail address  belveder@asterion-violette.hr

   - name of of the recipient, the date and time of delivery, message for the recipient / options /

   - type of flowers, arrangements, bouquets, etc.

   - your preferred cost plus the delivery fee 35.00 kn to Rijeka or 70.00 kn for other cities of Croatia

  Here you can pay by credit card


for order number enter the date, like this for example 1507 (15.07.2015.)

    Please, do not forget to inform us after the payment

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Flower shop "VIOLETTE-ZAMET"
Ivana Ćikovića Belog bb HR - 51000 Rijeka
Tel: 051-637 915, E-mail: zamet@asterion-violette.com

Laginjina ulica 20 HR - 51000 Rijeka
Tel: 051-514 958, E-mail:belveder@asterion-violette.hr

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